Volunteer Park Conservatory

October 13, 2009

Even if you don’t care for gardening or plants, you have to admit this is kind of cool:

There are plenty of plants at the Volunteer Park Conservatory that are obviously not native to our climate here in the Pacific Northwest. I found out that the Conservatory is a US Fish and Wildlife Rescue Center and when the US Customs seizes illegally imported plants some are given to the Conservatory to display. Which explains why all of the orchids were behind locked screens. Cool, right?

If you haven’t been to Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capital Hill, you need to go. Especially now, because the trees in the park are lit up in their Fall colors. It’s a really nice place to take a stroll. I recommend donating some money if you go, because the Friends of the Conservatory and the Seattle Parks and Recreation department do such a nice job maintaining the plants and the property. On my recent visit to Olympia I was disappointed that the conservatory at the Capital had been closed permanently. I love to see the variety of plants; their colors, texture and climate. Since I am always cold, I’m particularly fond of the fern house since they keep it kinda toasty in there. Go check it out!







The Frye Museum is Free

August 23, 2009

Yesterday I finally made it to the Frye Museum! I had no idea it was free. It was the perfect thing to do on a nice Saturday afternoon. They currently have a puppet exhibit; now, there are a few things that creep me out, and puppets/clowns/spiders pretty much sum it up. I really enjoyed the exhibit, but there was one room that had about 7 puppets on strings. I think every 20 minutes or so the show would play automatically, but I was not about to stick around. I just knew the minute those things started moving on their own, I would be caught off guard and run screaming from the room!

They had another exhibit called Bringing Munich Home that I liked as well. There was an oil painting by Alexander Max Koester called Moulting Ducks that was my favorite. It had beautiful lighting and soft tones.

If you get a chance, you should check it out. Don’t forget to donate on your way out! The Frye is definitely worth the trip. The Seattle Art Museum is also a must see. Enjoy!