Risotto to celebrate pre-fall

September 6, 2009

I spent the morning/afternoon with a girlfriend shopping downtown, something I don’t attempt often because of the crowds. It was so nice to catch up with her and stroll around the city. The weather was blustery and the minute I stepped out the door to meet her, it was a dogs and cats downpour! Luckily the rain stopped. I think we are firmly planted in pre-fall. I’m not sure if I am excited about it yet. However, I get to start making fall dishes and that makes me happy. I love nesting and spending an afternoon preparing a new dish, the house filled with the smell of home cooking. So, after shopping today I made Risotto with Chard and Prosciutto. The chard was harvested yesterday when I volunteered in the garden at Seattle Tilth.

My boyfriend is out of town this week (I miss him…) and I went to his house this afternoon to watch movies and cook. Also, he just bought a Le Creuset dutch oven, and I thought I would take it for a test drive! Turns out, it works just as well as mine even though it is a different color. Hehe…


As always, I treated myself to some wine as I cooked. Listen, I will drink the Rose’ until it is officially Fall you guys! This one happens to be my favorite.



I’d definitely make this recipe again. I would use a scosh less salt and maybe add another green like spinach or arugula to help balance the prosciutto flavor. The day ended with a bit of sunshine. Perfect.

hori hori dig dig!


Hello world!

August 18, 2009


Recently, I was telling some friends about a great new restaurant in town that I had been to. One of my girlfriends told me that when she moved to Seattle she couldn’t find any blogs that talked about great restaurants, fun neighborhoods, lovely little boutique shops, weekend getaway ideas etc… so here I am. A local girl that loves to frolic in this Pacific Northwest playground and share her experiences with you! Oh… a hori hori is a Japanese multi-purpose gardening tool. It means dig dig in Japanese. I recently bought one at my local nursery and I thought the name was cute.

EAT: There is no shortage of amazing restaurants here. I often hear of new restaurant openings on Daily Candy. As of today my favorite restaurant in Seattle is Frank’s Oyster House and Champagne Parlor. The lobster rolls are to die for! It is a little off the beaten track, but a charming space that will have you place them neatly in your back pocket the next time you want to impress your friends. When I’m feeling particularly domestic, I’ll whip out my America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks and look for the perfect recipe. A little geeky, I know, but I love that show. They test their recipes so many times and alter the ingredients until it is just right. So, assuming I follow the recipe it should turn out perfectly, and it usually does. I had a rib-off this summer and used one of their recipes. Sweet, tender, saucy ribs! I’m pretty sure I won too. There was some wine involved.

TRAVEL: While I’d love to tell you how worldley (I think this is a word, I would use it in Scrabble for sure) I am, my budget mostly calls for staycations these days. Whistler, Vancouver, Portland, the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juans or maybe just checking out a new neighborhood. No matter where you go, there is beautiful scenery, amazing food and no doubt a good story. I went to Whistler this summer for the first time. It was breathtaking. The new Peak to Peak gondola is amazing! Oh, and they have a new restaurant, Araxi. We went there 2 nights in a row it was so good.

GARDEN: I am a novice in every sense of the word here. I started volunteering with Seattle Tilth recently and now I have a great big crush on this organization. I give my time in the garden and they teach me everything I need to know about growing and harvesting edibles. They also help support other local farmers, which I love. Last week I harvested lemon cucumbers. Have you seen these things? First of all, they are adorable. Second, they taste delicious, and third, since they are the size of a lemon I waste less food!

These are the things that make me smile. I took pictures the first time I used my new Le Creuset 7.25 qt. dutch oven. It was a little present to myself. Why? I can’t remember. I must have done something I was proud of! Also, here is a picture of my first rustic apple tart from scratch.

P1010392 P1000813

Isn’t it beautiful?! I can’t help it.

hori hori dig dig!