2010 Summer Rib-off

August 13, 2010

It all started last year when Sean’s brother Hugh said he made the best ribs. He was probably right, considering I’d only made ribs once before in my life. I don’t know why it kick-started my competitive spirit, but it did. Of course it also meant I got to throw a party and I can find any excuse to throw a party. In 2009 Hugh and I were the only rib entrants and if you ask Hugh, he’d tell you that he won, though I had a friend design the ballots. Some may call it cheating; I just had a competitive advantage. A graphic designer friend with great skill in font sizes and terms and conditions. If you read the fine print, I won no matter what. Even if you were sleep-voting while under the influence of Ambien. It covered everything.

This year I planned 3 months in advance. We had 5 competitors and over 50 guests (and a dog that, strangely enough, wasn’t interested in ribs). There were pineapple glazed ribs, Kansas city ribs, rosemary cumin ribs, Polynesian style ribs (my entry), and smoked ribs. They were all delicious. This isn’t the food network, so we don’t exactly get into the intricate details of ribs (whose were the most tender, most flavorful, had the perfect sear etc…). We mainly just vote on whose we liked the best overall.

My marinade ingredients.

Me hard at work while E, a rib competitor, waits for his turn at the grill.

M’mmmmm… Let’s take a moment to thank all the piggies that gave their lives for this meal. Not a single one went to waste. Delicious.

We had over 50 people show up this year. The house was packed. My friend Justin made a mystery flavored homemade ice cream. It was like vanilla but I couldn’t quite figure out what that other sweet flavor was. CORN! It sounds strange, but it was mild and slightly sweet. A perfect flavor for a rib-off. He also made baked beans that were out of this world.

M & E’s rib entry. Sooooo good. These fun fashionista’s recently started the Scandinavian Mod brand Sur Flicka. Check it!

There was tons of great food, beer/wine and of course ribs. I loved having so many of our close friends (and some complete strangers) together. It was nice to meet new people. I invited Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton too, but they were unavailable. Matthew sent me a nice email back to thank me for the invite. Sweet, right?!

Sean’s brother Hugh, after spilling a platter of ribs on the deck.

So, 2011 rib-off. I’ve already checked and I can get a “special event” permit with the city to close down the street. It is a little spendy and there is that pesky proof of insurance thing, but it could be the best way to go if the party keeps getting bigger. We can line up the grills and kegs and everyone can bring a chair and a dish to pass. Thankfully there is plenty of time to prepare.

hori hori dig dig!