Crafting a Jewelry Board

January 9, 2011

This has been driving me crazy. There is a little nook between the bathroom and the closet with a built-in dresser. Take a look at what was my less than organized clutter of nail polish, makeup, jewelry and other miscellaneous girl business. I wanted to find a way to organize my jewelry so it was easy to find.

less than organized

a hot mess

My friend M turned me on to ReadyMade magazine . L.O.V.E! In a recent issue I saw an article featuring a jewelry designer who had hung her jewelry on a vertical surface covered in burlap. I liked the look of it and wanted to recreate it in my nook. Then, while shopping at Anthro, I saw the bin of knobs/hooks/drawer pulls and decided to use those to hang my earrings and necklaces from the board. I love these:

Anthropologie knobs and drawer pulls

Anthropologie knobs and drawer pulls

I went to the local lumber store to start the project. 15 minutes later I had the plywood I needed cut to size and my hardware threads cut down by an inch. One of the lumber guys even carried my 15″ x 25″ plywood piece to my car. It doesn’t weigh more than 2 pounds total.  Cute. Total charge for the board: $6.95. Nice.

I laid out the knobs and drawer pulls where I wanted them, then drilled the holes. I bought some batting at JoAnn Fabric, and a thin rubber doormat at Home Depot to glue on top of the board. If I need to pin additional pieces on the board later I wanted to have a substantial backing so the pins would hold.

Asssembling the Jewelry Board

Laying it out

Side note: staple guns are fun. I bought one for this project.

Stapling the Burlap to the Jewelry Board

Attaching the burlap

The finished product:

The final jewelry board

My jewelry board!

The final jewelry board on the wall and a new mirror.  I love it. It always feels better to clean things up. Happy New Year to me! Now if I can just keep it clean…

The finished jewelry board

That's better...

jewelry board and Velocity design ceramic organizer

Jewelry board and Velocity ceramic organizer

Earrings organized on drawer pulls

Earrings on drawer pulls

hori hori dig dig!