After Rib-off, I didn’t want to see a rib for a while, or any other meat product for that matter. So I’ve been trying a few new veggie dishes. I want to enjoy the summer produce before it’s gone. This dish is delicious. Asparagus, peas, sugar snaps, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, vegetable broth and Israeli Couscous. Add a little parmesan and you’re done. I found this recipe on Epicurious. We loved it so much I’ve made it again this week. I took leftovers on my hike up to the top of Mt. Si and had it for lunch.

A view from the top of Mt. Si. It was such a clear day we could see Mt. Rainier perfectly (on the right by the tallest tree; it kinda looks like a cloud)!

The weather has been amazing in Seattle the past few weeks. I can only hope we get an extended Summer before the clouds of winter set in. For now, I’ll just sit back and enjoy.

hori hori dig dig!