If you haven’t heard of Spilled Milk, the podcast, I highly recommend you give it a listen. I listen to it regularly and ask myself “why am I not friends with these people?” We have so much in common and I love to cook, laugh, and of course eat delicious food with my lovely friends. Molly and her friend Matthew talk about recipes and cooking tips and all sorts of random craziness. Molly Wizenberg wrote a book (that I haven’t read yet, but it’s on my ‘must read’ list) and also helped her husband start Delancey. A fancy little pizza place here in my neighborhood that I’ve blogged about before. Oh, and she has the cutest blog named Orangette. Her co-host on the podcast Matthew Amster-Burton (who also wrote a book) is a kick and they always make me laugh.

Anyway… I think we need to be friends. I think they should share the happy fun times with me. Maybe if my tomatoes take off (see rooftop garden adventure), we could talk about sauces and preserving tomatoes. I want to try that too … my list keeps growing.

So there you have it. I’ve never forced (encouraged sounds so much better, don’t you think?) a friendship before, but I kind of think I need to know Molly and Matt. I think they might just enjoy me… a lot. I could be their sidekick. So, how do you go about encouraging a new friendship with local famous people? Maybe I should just invite them to the next happy hour on the deck and tell them to bring the microphone.

I’ll chew on it…

hori hori dig dig!