I met a girlfriend for mani/pedi’s last weekend and we walked around the Ballard Farmer’s Market afterward. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Seattle. Spring is (or was) in the air. It is cold (we’ve had snow the past few days); but seeing tulips and daffodils at the Market gives me hope that Spring is on the way. This is what we wade through 8 months of cold/rain for. Spring and Summer in the PNW is glorious. I am really looking forward to it.

Ballard Farmers Market Tulips

Ballard Farmers Market

Honoring my Dutch roots with Tulips

Tulips at the Market

Tulips at the Ballard Market






































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Who’s your Farmer?

January 27, 2010

This Fall/Winter I’ve tried to go to the Ballard Farmers Market prepared with a menu (of sorts). A while ago I wanted to make a pork roast but was disappointed that I could only find frozen at the farmer’s market, until I came across the friendly guys from Sea Breeze Farm on Vashon Island. They had a bone in pork shoulder ready to go. Grass fed and local. I couldn’t wait. They also sell homemade butter. What’s not to love?! Sean & I picked up the rest of our ingredients and made dinner with his brothers. The Pork Roast was by far the best menu item. We were all standing around what little leftovers were there at the end of the meal picking at it. I braised it with cider and onions (and stuffed it with lots of garlic cloves). So, so good. On the side we made potato gratin with goat cheese and shaved brussel sprouts.

Matt from SBF showing off his goodies:

Sean and his brother decided to make an upside down pear tart. It was delish!

Sea Breeze Farm also runs a restaurant called La Boucherie on Vashon Island. Everything they serve is grown, harvested and prepared on the property. Dinner here is going to be one of Sean’s Christmas gifts (once I am employed again!). I can’t wait. If you are a Seattelite and in Ballard on a Sunday afternoon you should stop by the Ballard Farmers Market for fantastic fresh, local foods, and cute dogs everywhere!

hori hori dig dig!

Well truth be told Delancey isn’t fancy, but it’s damn good pizza. The atmosphere is simple. The chairs and tables don’t match and the walls are white with some nice framed photography. I’m not really a crust-eater, but I couldn’t help myself at Delancey. Their sauce is perfect. This place just opened in Ballard (north on 15th, rt. on 70th and look for the line of hungry folks). They don’t have a sign.

Delacey has a decent wine list. It is pretty hot in there because of the wood fire oven, but a nice cold glass of Rose’ while waiting will take your mind off the heat. It will be a welcome retreat in the cold/rainy winter. I can’t even imagine what kind of wait there will be then. We waited over an hour the other night for a table/bar seat. They don’t take reservations (but you can call ahead and put your name on the list). While we were there The New York Times food critic walked in with the chef from Sitka and Spruce and few other foodies from Seattle.




Wood-fired pizza seems to be taking off in Seattle. Veraci Pizza recently opened in Ballard as well. They have traveling wood-fire ovens. I had their pizza at the Ballard Farmer’s Market this summer. It was really good. I’ve heard you can rent their ovens for events. Restorante Picalinos in Sunset Hill (north Ballard) just added a wood-fired oven for pizza. I haven’t tried it yet. Of course there is always Tutta Bella and Via Tribunali. They have been around for quite some time here in Seattle and have locations all over the city. I like their pizzas very much. What I like about Tutta Bella and Via Tribunali: they have gelato. M’mmmm…

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