May 30, 2011

I’ve been pondering redecorating the bedroom for a while, but didn’t have any solid ideas. I bought some beautiful pendant lights from Anthro a while ago and it’s been a chore to try to figure out how to hang them as bedside lights. I also wanted to do something with the plain wall behind the bed. We looked at wallpaper and found some cool large prints, but when I brought them home to see what they would look like, none of them inspired me. Then we went to The Book Bindery restaurant. The ceiling of the restaurant was recycled lath mixed with newer lath. It was beautiful. It would provide the texture and warmth I was looking for, but also would add a modern twist. Check it out:

Bedroom before


Our friends M & E recently introduced us to their carpenter who, by the way, does WAY more than just carpentry. He is an all around problem solver and our new favorite person. Patrick Egan of Artisan Carpentry did an amazing job with our newly installed lath wall, and custom recycled steel light fixtures that are not only cool, but height adjustable. He has a ‘metal guy’ that built these and they are exactly what we envisioned. I love, love, love how it turned out. Patrick finished this in 3.5 days. He was precise and very thoughtful about the process.

Recycled lath wall

After the lath installation

I had gone to happy hour with some girlfriends the night he finished the lath, and when I got home I may or may not have drunk dialed (well, buzzed) him while jumping up and down clapping.

Bedroom adjustable bedside pendant lights

Custom recycled steel light fixtures and Anthro lights

Lath wall as decoration in Bedroom


It feels so much cozier upstairs. Now I just need to work on getting the chair of my dreams for the corner. I may need to wait until I win the lottery.

hori hori dig dig!