Farm to Table on Vashon Island

July 23, 2010

You’ve heard me talk about Sea Breeze Farm on Vashon Island before. They sell meat, milk, cheese, butter and wine at my local farmer’s market each weekend. I love these guys. Nearly everything they serve in their restaurant on the island is raised and harvested from the farm. I finally made it to the island last weekend to their restaurant La Boucherie. It did not disappoint. It’s part butcher shop, part restaurant and all kinds of fresh and delicious! I was in foodie heaven.

We arrived earlier in the day hoping for a farm tour, but because of the Strawberry Festival on Vashon (which, oddly, didn’t have any strawberries) the ferry delay was too long and we missed out. Here are some pics of the restaurant/butcher shop.

We had the 3 course prix fixe dinner and started with the Pork Rillettes (confit pork belly) with mustard and bread. Need I say more? I love pork…

This is the main course. Campagne sausage with cherries, kale and farro. It was so delicious!

We bought the Boudin Blanc sausages from La Boucherie before we left that night, and recreated the sausage dish at home. Kale, farro, cherries and sausages. Oh, and a bottle of red. Stick it! It turned out beautifully (although my farro was a bit undercooked).

We are really lucky that food raised humanely, organically and in a sustainable fashion is easy to find here in Seattle. I love food, wine and sharing it with friends and family. I could die happy tomorrow as long as I have that.

hori hori dig dig!


One Response to “Farm to Table on Vashon Island”

  1. Kristin Thompson Page Says:

    Thanks Jaime, for coming out last weekend! It was really fun to have you in our “home.” And great pics, too! Love Hipstamatic 🙂
    Hope to see you again soon,

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