My Rooftop Gardening Adventure

May 5, 2010

Living in the city is a bit of a challenge when it comes to gardening. I can’t afford a house with a yard and therefore a garden, so instead, as I’ve talked about before, I volunteer at Seattle Tilth so I can get my hands in the dirt and learn all about organic gardening.

The Spring Garden Crew season has started and last weekend was the Edible Plant Sale at Tilth. I bought a few starter plants and, for the first time, have committed to trying my hand at growing edibles in containers on the rooftop deck.

Here are the plants I selected:

Basil, Onion, Brussel Sprouts, Wild Arugula, Tomato (the saucy kind) and Lemon Cucumber (I heart these).

My hope is that after all is said and done, at least the tomato plant will have survived and flourished! I love fresh chunky tomato sauce. If it goes as planned and I have a ton of tomatoes, then maybe I’ll have to learn how to preserve them as well.

Here’s how cute and little they are now (and here’s hoping they don’t look the same size, but dead in a few months!)

If you have any advice I’d love to hear it. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned…

hori hori dig dig!


2 Responses to “My Rooftop Gardening Adventure”

  1. plantsondeck Says:

    Best of luck to you! I’ll have to check in to see how your onions fare — I’ve always wanted to try them in containers. (And I’m always looking for fellow rooftop gardeners — my adventures can be found at Basil and tomatoes are great companion plants: supposedly the basil keeps the pests away. I’ve found tomatoes can be a little fussy but I agree, they can be so deliciously rewarding, too.

    — plantsondeck

  2. stacey Says:

    Nothing tastes better than home grown veg when you’re apartment-bound. Even now we have a yard I am still the most proud of our cukes from our downtown Vancouver apartment balcony! You will be fine as long as you remember they’ll need obscene amounts of water. Two other tips for organic growing in pots – EM (effective microorganisms) and glacial rock dust should help keep you going all summer without need of chemical fertilizers or anything else miserable like that.

    And when it comes time to tin your tomatoes check out my blog entry for the how to – it’s easy peasy! Good luck and enjoy!

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