Thai Chicken Curry

February 5, 2010

I was craving comfort food the other day, and wanted to incorporate lots of veggies. A bowl of Thai Chicken Curry over rice sounded perfect. In addition to all the fabulous food blogs that I read regularly, I also use Epicurious for recipes. They have a great search option so if you only know what main ingredient you want to use, you will get all kinds of ideas. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this dish is low fat (there is coconut milk involved), but if you incorporate brown rice instead of white and light coconut milk instead of full fat, it’ll make you feel better!

Look at all these beautiful veggies. The Bunashimeji (beech mushrooms) were so cute, I had to have them. I got the fresh, organic and mostly local veggies in my neighborhood market. I love this recipe because you can add whatever veggies sound good to you, and adjust the heat to your liking. I used red and green curry paste because I am kind of wimp when it comes to the heat! I also added fresh garlic and ginger and didn’t use the tomatoes. Sean cleaned his plate, which is a good sign.

Other updates coming soon, and a trip to Montana on the horizon.

hori hori dig dig!


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