My Apple Galette

November 15, 2009

It is a cold, rainy weekend here in Seattle (we had snow Friday night…ick). All I want to do is stay inside and be warm. Today we decided to stay in and cook a proper Sunday meal. I haven’t blogged about cooking or baking in a while, so I dove headfirst into my pile of cookbooks. I took care of dessert and chose an Apple Galette recipe.


I’ve been meaning to purchase a 12-cup food processor for quite some time. Each time I am in a kitchen store I stare at them longingly, but I can’t seem to loosen my grip on my wallet. Oddly, if I were in Anthropologie trying on an outfit that fits perfectly, my wallet practically runs to the checkout line by itself. No issues there! If you’ve ever made a double batch of anything using a 3.5 cup food processor, you know what a gigantic pain in the hoo-ha it is. Which is why I am so happy Sean has a 12-cup food processor. Making the crust was a snap.


Apple galette. I love the smell as it bakes, and it’s a thing of beauty when it’s done. M’mmmm… freshly baked loveliness. This recipe was so simple. I loved the apricot preserves drizzled on top.


Served with Snoqualmie Creme Fraische Gelato. Stick it!


hori hori dig dig!


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