I love Cafe Presse

August 29, 2009

I absolutely love Cafe Presse in Capital Hill. This is me, shouting it from the rooftop…of my boyfriend’s house. I love it. Why? Where else can you get an amazing latte so rich and tasty you almost lose control, while reading your favorite cooking magazine that you purchased at the newstand before sitting down, and occasionally catching a glimpse of a world soccer game on the tele, all while noshing on the Oeufs Plats, jambon, fromage for breaky? Lord have mercy… as I live and breathe, this is my version of heaven on earth.

I asked our waitress if the owner would ever consider opening a Presse in Ballard, because as you city dwellers know, we don’t often like to travel all the way across town (less then 5 miles) to go dine. She didn’t think so. In the event that the owner of Cafe Presse (also the owner of the lovely Le Pichet at the Market) ever reads my blog:

Sir, I beg of you, please PLEASE consider opening a french cafe in Ballard! I realize that Bastille just opened here and yes, they do have a beautiful french restaurant, but I’ll tell you this, they don’t deliver when it comes to breakfast. When I want a Croque Madame so good that it makes me speak in tongues, I come to you. Therefore, you should come to Ballard. We Scando’s would welcome you with open arms.





hori hori dig dig!


One Response to “I love Cafe Presse”

  1. Liz Says:

    Now officially on my list of places to try. Thanks!!!

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